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Competitor Research

Competitor Research allows you to determine what sites are in competition with you along with their strengths and weaknesses. It allows us to determine what SEO strategies they are implementing and how we can use those SEO strategies to improve your site and to often to outrank your competition on Google.

SEMRush Competitor Research Chart. Improve Your SEO By Checking Your Competition.

Competitor Research helps us:

  • Find more keywords
  • Determine what our competitors strategies and use that information to make our own strategy decisions
  • Determine gaps in their marketing that we can use to make your website stand out

Getting Started With Competitor Research:

Competitor Research starts out similarly to keyword research in that you start with an automated competitor search, and competitors you have entered manually into the system. Next you can pick and choose which of the competitors you think are actual competition that you want to rank against and which ones aren’t really worth looking at. This is done through a venn diagram where the size of a circle is how many keywords a site has, and the overlap is how many keywords the site has in common with you. 

It is important to note that just because there is a business you are in competition with does not mean you will be competing with them online. While it is useful to know what all competitors are doing, if they aren’t actually working with SEO or doing anything to drive traffic to a website then they aren’t really worth monitoring. From here we can start developing strategies and content to help market your site. Similar to keyword research, it is very important that we keep coming back to these reports and re-run competitor research throughout the process so that we can respond to changes and determine what is and is not working. If you want to learn more about Competitor Research click here. If you want to check out more of our blog posts click here instead. Thank you.


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