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One of the biggest boosts to a website’s SEO is the posting of regular content. This can be done through blog posts, video’s, podcasts, or something else. Regular content is good because it not only gives your site more content increasing keyword strength and range, but it means your site has up to date content. Google is always trying to make sure the top results for searches are sites that are up to date and active. 

When creating this regular content in whatever form it takes there are a few key things you need to watch out for. Things that can truly make or break Google’s response to the addition of this content. 

Wordiness is to be Avoided

It can often be tempting to try and extend the length of content to be as long as possible. More content equals more chances for the SEO bots to pick up keywords. To begin with wordiness tends not to actually produce anything useful for SEO. Fluff is fluff and nothing more. The second reason is that, at the end of the day, you are producing content for potential customers not robots. 

Clarity is Pivotal

One of the big things search engines checks for when it comes to site traffic is stay time. If people are entering your site seeing a big bunch of words and then clicking off to go back to search or to hit a different site, Google keeps track of it and you WILL take a hit to your SEO. So you want to keep information clear, clean, and interesting to read. 

Keyword Stuffing is a big NO

Something else that can be problematic is keyword stuffing. This is when you just add as many keywords as possible at the expense of readability. On top of the reasons listed in wordiness and clarity, keyword stuffing is also something Google bots specifically look out for and will blacklist your site if they suspect you of it.

You are writing for People, not for bots

At the end of the day you need to write content that you think your customers will benefit from and enjoy to read. Don’t stress the google bots to much, just write the best writing you can and get into the technical aspects and optimizing after you have accomplished that first. If you want to check out more of our blog posts click here. Thank you for reading.


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