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Our SEO process starts with a full audit of the client’s website. This audit allows us to get a first look at the statistics of your site’s Google presence as well as any issues on the technical side that could be hurting your site’s performance on search engines. These errors include anything from a broken link to a slow-loading page to a grammatical typo in some text. 

Site auditing isn’t just a one-time thing though. Every step of the process, every single thing we do with SEO ends with a fresh site audit two or three weeks after the a change has been made. This will help us determine the impact of our work as well as if any Google algorithm changes have harmed your site’s health or performance. 

The next step is to make general improvements to the site’s health to reduce the errors and warnings that are found during the audit.

This is mainly involves going through and fixing errors, cleaning up code, optimizing page speed, and adding meta descriptions to pages and posts. SEMrush gives details on every error so that we can find and fix them reasonably quickly. This process typically takes anywhere from 5 to 8 hours, though it can take more depending on the size of the site. 


Duplicate content is one of the issues that we encounter frequently during our audits. Duplicate meta-descriptions can harm your SEO score, so fixing this simply involves removing duplicates of things like page and post titles. Another big thing is the meta descriptions which while not on the front end can be seen by your audience when looking at a link to your site on google and other search engines. (In the below image the metadata is circled in red.) Meta descriptions should be carefully considered to include key search terms and should not be duplicated between pages.

Google uses meta-descriptions (circled in red) to help bots determine what a webpage is about.

If these things go unchanged, it can do a lot of damage to your site’s Google ranking. Even going so far as to make it so that web browsers won’t allow you to access a site because of security issues that they detect. For this reason, it is important to always have an eye on your website’s health and make regular checks and updates to keep your site in the best condition possible. 

Additionally, the SEO audit is the building block of everything else that we do. The audit builds the foundations for keyword optimization, backlink building, social media outreach, and just about everything else that can be done to market your site online. With this in mind, we recommend an automated update to every client who is serious about their search rankings. If a client is interested in seeing how their traffic changes on a weekly or monthly basis, we can have automated emails that show you the trends in your traffic, keywords, and the overall SEO health of your website. If you want to learn more about the SEO audit click here.

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