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 One of the most significant steps toward strengthening your site’s SEO is backlinking. A backlink is when one website links to another with anchor text. You want as many backlinks as possible as they can be massively helpful in optimizing your site for search engines. It can be difficult to build backlinks, however, especially when you’re just starting. Here on some tips on how to build backlinks for your WordPress site

Talk to Clients or Friends About backlinking and SEO opportunities

If you have friends or family with websites or a more professional relationship with someone who has a website, this will be your first step toward backlinking. Work with them to find a place to link to each other’s sites.

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Listings can be a great source of backlinks

Listings and Online directories can also be a massive resource for building Backlinks. Most of them are free to fill out, and many online tools can be used to have a bot perform this task automatically on all kinds of listing

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Online forums are another great source of backlinks. On top of just making posts that include links to your website, forums also tend to have a place where you can enter a link to your website when creating your user. Be sure to only post where appropriate for your site to ensure these links don’t get taken down.

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