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When maintaining a blog or other site SEO is fairly straightforward. Optimizing for an Ecommerce site on the other hand is a lot more challenging. You can’t just continue to produce more content, you need to keep things as simple and minimalist as possible, and you can’t rely as much on backlinks and shares.  Here are a couple tips on things to keep in mind when you are trying to optimize your Ecommerce website for google.

Navigation, Navigation, Navigation!

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Every shop is going to be different, but customers tend to behave the same across the board. The average viewer only spends 10-20 seconds on a website. If you want them to stay longer you need to have clean, clear, straightforward navigation if you want to keep people on your sites.

  • Remember to use breadcrumbs
  • Remember to clean up your URLs
  • Remember to check all your pages regularly for broken links

SEO and Ecommerce Tools

We use a number of tools to help us with eCommerce and optimization such as:

Optimize category pages


People tend to focus all their energy into optimizing product pages. This feels as obvious as the products are what matters at the end of the day, they’re why potential customers are there and they’re how you make money. It’s important to remember however that the category pages can be just important for SEO as products. Be sure to write keyword rich content and optimize the user experience on your category pages like you would any other page.

Don’t forget Mobile Devices

Most online shopping is done on mobile these days. While most Ecommerce plugins and apps claim to automatically optimize pages for mobile its a good idea to double check there work and make changes where needed.

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