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At Slate Tech, we recently had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with Kathy Anderson on a WordPress website makeover. This was accomplished using Elementor, a plugin for creating pages that has come to be our preferred option for client websites. Lets talk about just why Elementor has become such a valuable tool in our web design arsenal.

Why Build With Elementor?

Elementor is a powerful web design tool that puts the control back in your hands. Here are three reasons why you should embrace Elementor:


Elementor is meticulously crafted with business owners in mind. Its intuitive and straightforward interface makes website management a breeze, even if you lack professional web design expertise. Like many other people, our customers desired a tool that would enable her to manage her website without the need for in-depth technical knowledge.

Effortless Edits:

Elementor Page Builder stands as our preferred choice for crafting websites for our clients, primarily due to its user-friendly interface. Many of our clients express the desire to maintain and edit their websites independently post-launch, and Elementor aligns perfectly with this need. To further empower them, we regularly provide 1-2 hours of post-launch training sessions, equipping clients with the skills and confidence required to manage their websites effectively, ensuring they can make updates and enhancements with ease.

  • With Elementor, making updates and tweaks becomes a cinch.
  • Take charge of your website’s content and design without the need for technical expertise.
  • Ensure that your website evolves with your business goals seamlessly.

Streamlined Efficiency

  • In the fast-paced business world, time is money. Elementor streamlines the web-building process.
  • It offers a range of pre-designed templates and a drag-and-drop editor.
  • The result? A faster, smoother, and more dynamic website for your business.

Our Expertise in Action

Our team at Slate Tech has had the pleasure of working with businesses like Nola Photo Lounge , helping them unlock the Elementor Advantage. We’re passionate about creating user-friendly, professionally designed websites that align perfectly with your vision and business objectives. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our client, @nolaphotolounge, for entrusting us with this project.

Ready to Give Elementor a Try?

If you’re considering a website makeover or looking to enhance your online presence, consider Elementor as your go-to tool for user-friendly web design. At Slate Tech, we specialize in web design, social media marketing, and SEO services, and we’re here to help you bring your digital dreams to life. Contact us today!

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