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Why is Website Speed Important?

Website speed is a top priority for us at Slate-Tech. Having a fast loading website will give you a major advantage over your competitors and will help your website rank higher in search engine result pages. According to QuickSprout, just a second of delay in your website’s loading speed results in a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, 11% fewer page views, and sites that haven’t loaded within three seconds are abandoned by 40% of visitors! The speed of your website is important to your customers; therefore, it should be prioritized. Do you know how to check your website’s speed?

How to Check Your Website’s Speed

There are many free, easy to use tools online to check the speed of a website. We prefer GTmetrix. This tool helps us analyze the current speed of our website and allows us to show you a side by side comparison after it was optimized.

How We Can Speed Up Your Website

We often start our speed optimization with a tool called Optimole. Optimole is an incredibly useful plugin that optimizes a website’s images. This is important because images are almost always part of what causes slow page load. Without any damage to the quality of the images, Optimole reduces their weight up to 80%. Lazy loading, one of Optimole’s best features, only loads the portion of the website the viewer is looking at. Because the entire web page’s contents don’t have to be rendered in a single go, content delivery is faster and the user’s experience is improved across all devices and screen sizes.

Results After Installing Optimole

Optimole is a must-have for our clients and our own website. When we installed it, we used to analyze our website’s speed before and after in order to see the measurable results. After analyzing the results, we found out our website’s fully loaded time decreased by three seconds, improving our overall user experience and improving our SEO. Your business can also benefit from providing your customers with a fast and efficiently loading website.

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