Search Engine Optimization

Connect with customers, gain brand recognition, and boost your leads and sales. 

Why do I need SEO?

At its core, search engine optimization is all about ranking higher in search results to drive more traffic to your website. SEO enables you to be seen and heard, stand out from your competition, and inevitably allows you to do more with your website. Whether that means selling more products, building your brand, or driving more traffic to your blog, it all starts with a basic strategy.

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Our Tools

At Slate-Tech we use the best tools and resources that the industry has for top quality optimization while still watching our client’s budgets. Tools which us to monitor your site’s SEO health, research the current trends, and even look at what your competitors are doing to get ahead of the competition. 

A social media marketing tool that allows us to do an in-depth audit of your site as well as research into keywords and what your competitors are up to. Learn more...

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

Allows us to monitor and alter the metadata on your WordPress site. With Yoast you can have on-site keyword monitoring allowing you to optimize content for better results. Learn More...

Used to monitor, record, and maintain your site's SEO and metadata. This plugin allows you to set up on-site keyword monitoring so that you can better build your content for the desired search results. Learn More...

Allows us to hear from google directly about your site's SEO health and what can be done to improve it. Learn More...

Ready to get started on your SEO today?

Where Do We Start?

Before we even touch your Site we work with you to determine the approach to Search Engine Optimizing that will best serve your business. We look at your current content, discuss your goals with you, and do a technical SEO audit to determine what can be done to meet your needs.

Website Audit

By auditing your site we can determine everything going that is impacting your site’s Search Engine health. Good or bad. This includes things like:

  • Broken links
  • 404’s
  • Slow pages
  • Pages with no metadata

Keyword & Competitor Research

SEMRush Competitor Research Chart. Improve Your SEO By Checking Your Competition.
SEMrush allows us to not only monitor how your site is doing but your competitor’s sites as well. Using words and terms that are key to your presence on the web we can determine what others in your field are doing to succeed and how best to adapt their strategies.

Incremental Improvements

Rather than just making a bunch of changes to your site and seeing what happens we work incrementally. Making small changes and seeing how they impact your site then adapting our strategies as we move forward.