A display showing the website of our Client "Power Play Washing" showing its styling on Pc, Mac, phone, and tablet.

Web Design for Power Washing

You have found the best Soft Washing or Power Washing Lancaster PA & Lebanon PA. Serving in and around Lancaster, PA and Lebanon, PA since 2002! Power Play Inc. offers a SAFE power washing. We would love the opportunity to show why our customers keep coming back to our reliable service with outstanding results in the exterior cleaning industry.
Nathan is a true entrepreneur. He’s got several gigs going and several websites to go along with them. This particular site was running very slowly and had several issues, including the need for image optimization and the fact that it was running on a very inefficient theme. Fixing the theme would have take a lot of custom coding, so we decided to rebuild the site instead using an efficient theme and a modern page builder. We were able to decrease the front page load time from over 9 seconds, to under 3 seconds, optimize his SEO, and install Google Analytics to help track his traffic so that he can make informed decisions about his business going forward.

Tools used on the Power Washing Web Design Project

  • Elementor
  • Envato Elements
  • Updraft Plus
  • Optimole
  • Woocommerce
“”I was extremely happy with the WordPress redesign. The new theme runs much more efficiently and quickly. Wish I would have used Brittan from the start!””