A display showing the website of our Client "Beverson Machine" showing its styling on Pc, Mac, phone, and tablet.

Web Design for a Machine Shop

Ralph Beaverson and his son James have been operating in Delta, Ohio since the mid 80s. Ralph started in the machine building trades as a young man and eventually decided to try to build a machine for a former boss at his home shop. What was thought to be a one-off job quickly turned into a full-time operation.
Nestled in the charming town of Delta, Ohio, Beaverson Machine stands as a testament to the essence of a small, family-owned machine shop. With an existing website that had served them well, the time had come for a transformation that would align their digital presence with the demands of the modern era. Slate Tech embarked on a comprehensive journey to uplift their online identity. Our collaboration began with a focus on visual branding. Recognizing the importance of a strong visual identity, we initiated the process by crafting a new logo and establishing a set of visual branding guidelines. This step not only modernized their image but also provided a cohesive and professional appearance that would resonate with their audience.
Beyond aesthetics, the client’s vision encompassed a gallery page that would offer a window into the heart of Beaverson Machine. To capture the essence of their work, we paid a visit to their shop, meticulously photographing the intricate machinery and craftsmanship on display. These photographs would serve as the visual centerpiece, turning their vision into a tangible online reality.

Tools used on the Machine Shop Web Design Project

  • Elementor
  • Envato Elements
  • Updraft Plus
  • Optimole
  • Woocommerce

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