A display showing the website of our Client "Zack Smith" showing its styling on Pc, Mac, phone, and tablet.

Web Design for a Photographer in New Orleans

Creative brand driven photography and video production is really what it’s all about. For over 20 years Zack Smith Photography has been the trusted source for creating original photography and video production for national and local brands, lifestyle photography, convention photography and just about anything involving a passion for people and products.
Zack Smith, a seasoned professional photographer based in the vibrant city of New Orleans, enlisted our services to revamp his website and enhance its performance. Our initial task involved a thorough cleanup of his site, addressing any clutter or inefficiencies that might have hindered its functionality. Upon completion of this overhaul, Zack recognized the importance of optimizing his website’s visibility in search engine results. He entrusted us with the crucial task of improving his site’s SEO.
Fast forward several weeks, and the results were nothing short of remarkable. Zack’s website consistently secured a coveted position among the top three search results for “New Orleans photography” and a range of other strategically targeted keywords on Google. This newfound prominence not only boosted his online presence but also drove more traffic to his site, opening up exciting opportunities for his photography business. Working with Zack was a true pleasure, and his commitment to excellence mirrored our own dedication to providing top-notch services. He continues to engage our team regularly, seeking updates to his SEO strategy and entrusting us with the ongoing maintenance of his website. This ongoing partnership underscores the value of our collaboration, as we support Zack in maintaining his competitive edge in the dynamic world of professional photography in New Orleans.

Tools Used on the New Orleans Photography SEO Project

  • Elementor
  • Envato Elements
  • Updraft Plus
  • Optimole
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